Dr Joseph White

Future Leader Fellow

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Ecosystem Stewardship


Spatial Analysis and Data Science


Spatial ecology, landscape ecology, remote sensing, species distribution modeling, conservation, grassy ecosystems, Mediterranean-type ecosystems

My research explores the distributions of plant biodiversity & biomes and how these relate to ecosystem services in often neglected open ecosystems. I aim to provide the information required to effectively support human livelihoods, while conserving biodiversity.

This takes two major paths:

i) Document how plant biodiversity and ecosystem services are impacted by land use at the local scale.

ii) Mapping plant biodiversity and biomes at the regional to continental scale to identify the relationships between plant function, structure and phylogenetics.

  • PhD, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2019
  • BSc (Hons), University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2013

JDM White, N Stevens, JT Fisher, S Archibald, C Reynolds (2022)

Nature‐reliant, low‐income households face the highest rates of woody‐plant encroachment in South Africa

People and Nature 4 (4): 1020-1031

JDM White, M Stevens, J Berndt, BWT Coetzee, TJ Massad, LJ Nupen, D Tye, JJ Midgley (2020)

Understanding recruitment limitations in a critically endangered species: The story of the iconic Cape cedar (Widdringtonia wallichii)

Global Ecology and Conservation 23: e01062

JDM White, SL Jack, MT Hoffmann, J Puttick, D Bonora, V Visser, EC February (2016)

Collapse of an iconic conifer: long-term changes in the demography of Widdringtonia cedarbergensis using repeat photography

BMC Ecology 16 (1): 1-11

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