Jaz Stoddart

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

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Trait Diversity and Function


Plant Health and Adaptation


Remote Sensing, Forestry, Plant Health, Bioinformatics

I am working on a Centre for Forest Protection (CFP) project in which we aim to assess the vulnerability of non-native candidate tree species to native organisms and make recommendations for suitability in planting schemes in the UK. This assessment is to be made using a phylogenetically informed approach comparing non-native species to native host species for pests and diseases.

Before this I worked on forest remote sensing where I used aerial and terrestrial laser scanning data to monitor the structure and growth of forest stands in sustainable silvicultural systems.

PhD Forestry and Remote Sensing, Bangor University, ongoing
MA Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2018
Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA), 2023

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Jaz Stoddart