Isabel Negri

UK Conservation Projects Officer

Isabel Negri

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Millennium Seed Bank Partnership


UK flora, ash propagation, ash dieback, seed collection and processing, ecology

My role is split between work for the UK Native Seed Hub (UKNSH) and for the Living Ash Project (LAP) Phase II. I lead a study on vegetative propagation techniques for Ash (Fraxinus excelsior). This research project, funded by Defra, aims to secure Ash dieback-tolerant plants for the future. I provide applied research and practical assistance to the UKNSH, a cross-departmental project which supplies native seeds and plants to support habitat restoration and species reintroduction projects.

  • MSc Biology (specialized in Conservation and Systems Ecology), Wageningen University and Research (2021)
  • BSc Ecology, Cardiff University (2018)

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Isabel Negri