Fenonirina Rakotoarison

Itremo Park Manager

Fenonirina Rakotoarison

Ecosystem Stewardship


KMCC Protected Areas


Plant anatomy, dendrochronology, biological inventories, ethnobotany surveys, Dioscoreaceae taxonomy, Madagascar flora, rural development and conservation, SMART software handling

I am part of the Ecosystem Stewardship priority.

My role is to manage the Itremo massif protected area (24,788Ha) especially the activities (planning/realization) and staff in the sites.

We develop with communities the conservation (habitats, species, ecosystems), sustainable development (agroforestry, livestock, other income-generating activities), and restoration.

We regularly monitor all activities and provide the necessary databases to improve the Protected Area management.

  • D.E.A. (Master II degree) on plant biology and ecology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Antananarivo, 2011

Rakotoarison, F. & Ravaomanalina, H. & Roger, E. & Rakouth, B. (2012)

Etudes dendrométriques et dendrochronologiques de neuf espèces de Commiphora Jacq.

Malagasy Nature, 6: 56-66