Dario Galanti

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Trait Diversity and Function


Plant Health and Adaptation


Genomics, epigenetics, evolution, bioinformatics, genome regulation

My project at Kew focuses on genomic variation of Ash trees in relation to the Ash dieback fungus. We are screening natural populations for signs of adaptation to the fungus and for genetic variants associated with resistance or susceptibility, with particular focus on large structural variants, only detectable with long read sequencing.

As for my PhD (University of Tubingen) I investigated natural DNA methylation variation in a Brassicaceae (Thlaspi arvense), I am also very interested in mechanisms of genome regulation and evolution such as epigenetics and transposable element activity.

  • BCs Agrotechnologies for the environment, University of Milan, 2014
  • MSc Plant Sciences - breeding and genetics, Wageningen University, 2017

Galanti D, Ramos-Cruz D, Nunn A, et al. 2022.

Genetic and environmental drivers of large-scale epigenetic variation in Thlaspi arvense

PLOS Genet. 2022 ott; 18(10):e1010452.

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Dario Galanti


Dario Galanti