Ando Andriamanohera



Ecosystem Stewardship


Millennium Seed Bank Partnership


IUCN Red list species assessment; species conservation; ecosystem dynamics; plant ecology and biology

I am a botanist based at the Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre (KMCC), working on a project as part of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership.

As a researcher, I have skills in field work, forest restoration, providing ecological profiles, conservation assessments, predictive maps and identification tools. As a humanitarian, every day is a new challenge and inspires me to make a difference. I am passionate about nature photography, science and music.

  • IUCN SSC Madagascar Plant Specialist Group (GSPM)
  • MSc Science and Technology (Diagnosis, Ecological survey, Ecosystem and Environmental Management), University of Antananarivo (2016)
  • Master I Life and Environmental Sciences (Plant biology and Ecology), University of Antananarivo (2013)
  • BSc Life Sciences, University of Antananarivo (2012)

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Baudouinia louvelii.

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Erythrophysa lapiazicola.

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Neobeguea ankaranensis.

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Senna meridionalis.

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