Dr Ana Rita Simões


Ana Rita Simoes

Accelerated Taxonomy




Taxonomy, molecular systematics, palynology

I am a taxonomist in the Africa & Madagascar Team, and I focus on studying the diversity of the tropical plant family Convolvulaceae (the family of sweet potato, bindweeds and morning glories). Before joining the team, I have worked in SE Asia and S America. My broader research interests include taxonomy, systematics, evolution, biogeography and palynology of tropical plant families. I enjoy participating in teaching activities, student supervision and science communication.

  • BSc in Biology, Univ. Coimbra (Portugal), 2006
  • MSc in Biodiversity, Ecology and Ecosystem Management, Univ. Aveiro (Portugal), 2008
  • PhD in Plant Systematics, Univ. Reading (UK), 2013

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