Dr Adam Devenish

Research Fellow

Kew researcher adam devenish

Trait Diversity and Function


FMH (Fitantanana Maharitra Holovain-jafy) Project


Biodiversity Conservation fire ecology, animal-plant interactions, tropical biology, grassland, Madagascar, Species monitoring

My research interests focus on understanding how anthropogenic disturbances influence species interactions, and what effect this has on native biodiversity and ecosystem functionality. My research aims are to identify mechanisms and drivers of biodiversity loss, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

  • BA, Biological Sciences, Roehampton 2009
  • MSc, Conservation, UCL, 2010
  • PhD, University of Bristol, 2018

Tobias, J., Sheard, C., Pigot, A., Devenish, A., et al. 2022.

AVONET: morphological, ecological, and geographical data for all birds.

Ecology Letters 25 (3): 581-597.

Stewart, P., Voskamp, A., Santini, L., Biber, M., Devenish, A., et al. 2022.

Global Impacts of Climate Change on Avian Functional Diversity. Ecology Letters.

Ecology Letters 25 (3): 673-685.

Devenish, A.,Newton, R., Bridle, J., Gómez, C., Midgley, J., and Sumner, S. 2021

Contrasting responses of native ant communities to invasion by an ant invader, Linepithema humile.

Biological Invasions, 23: 2553–2571.

Devenish, A., Gómez, C., Bridle, J., Newton, R., and Sumner, S. 2018.

Invasive ants take and squander native seeds: implications for native plant communities.

Biological Invasions, 21:451–466

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