Take action to protect plants and fungi

The world needs our help, so Kew is on a journey towards sustainability. Protecting biodiversity is a crucial step. Join us in this urgent work.

Green, needle-like leaves and purplish-blue flowers of rosemary

The planet is facing a critical time.  

2 in 5 plants are at risk of extinction. The security of our food and medicines are under threat from biodiversity loss.

Each one of us has a responsibility to help. At Kew, we are committed to becoming truly sustainable and we’re excited to invite you on this journey to protect our natural world. 

It’ll take time, but every small change can make a huge difference.

What you can do in your garden

Wild areas of landscape or gardens are especially important spaces for biodiversity in countryside and urban spaces.

Whether big or small, garden or windowbox, your piece of nature can make a substantial impact.

Did you know? A quarter of a typical UK city is made up of private gardens, making them vital keepers of local biodiversity

What you can do:

Bug hotel in the Natural Area
Bug hotel, Natural Area, Kew, RBG Kew/Ellen McHale

Grow your own food

The veggies you’ve grown yourself always taste extra delicious.

In the Kitchen Garden at Kew Gardens, horticulturalist Hélèna Dove uses an organic no-dig method for growing fruits and vegetables.  

This keeps the soil structure by planting into compost that’s added to the top of the bed each season. It supports biodiverse and beneficial soil organisms which in turn help plants to grow. This has great carbon benefits as digging causes carbon release from the soil.

 No-dig gardening helps to reduce pests and diseases, so reduces the need for harmful chemicals. 

What you can do:

Hands in soil
Hands in soil/Unsplash

Working with us

Our natural world is precious. Without it, human life could not survive.

You can make a change by joining or supporting Kew, or motivating others to protect and care for plants and fungi.

What you can do:

Close up of leaves and tiny purple flowers

Support our work

From conservation of the world's most threatened ecosystems to finding the next life-saving medicine, Kew's scientific work is fighting to protect our world.