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Tree planting dominates political and popular agendas, often portrayed as an easy answer to the climate crisis and effective mitigation for corporate carbon emissions. 

But it is not a simple solution and planting the wrong trees in the wrong place can cause considerably more damage than benefits, failing to benefit either people or nature. 

We urgently need policies and frameworks to prevent further deforestation and to ensure effective restoration strategies to protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change and improve livelihoods. 

The Kew Declaration on Reforestation for Biodiversity, Carbon Capture and Livelihoods outlines key requests to policymakers, reforestation financiers and practitioners, to enable better decision-making for global reforestation. 

Please help us to drive positive change by sharing the Declaration among relevant networks. 

About the Kew Declaration  

The Kew Declaration is based on a synthesis of evidence, discussions and conclusions presented at the Reforestation for Biodiversity, Carbon Capture and Livelihoods conference, hosted by Kew and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) on 24–26 February 2021.

Over 2,400 delegates took part in the conference, representing views from a wide range of reforestation practitioners, policymakers, funders, businesses, NGOs and researchers from 113 countries. 

The Declaration is supported by evidence published in scientific literature, including our Ten golden rules for reforestation review paper. 

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