Citizen science

Come and get involved in our scientific research and contribute to our understanding of plants and fungi.

Woman looking at tree with magnifying glass

Citizen science, also known as crowd science, is a structured way for volunteers to help scientists collect or explore huge data sets. 

The collaboration is a two-way street: scientists can investigate areas that would otherwise take too long or be too expensive, volunteers have the satisfaction of contributing to research and finding out more about a specific area along the way. 
If you would like to volunteer to do some citizen science, you can find out more about the individual projects open to the public below. 

  • Letters written by Joseph Hooker

    Armchair archivists - 19th century letters

    Become an armchair archivist and help us transcribe the letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker.

  • Young researcher at a PC digitising

    Can you decipher handwriting?

    Help us digitise our Herbarium and Fungarium collections.

  • Woman taking photo of yellow plant using a phone

    Smartphone conservation

    Help to safeguard rare and threatened plants from extinction with your smartphone or camera.