29 April 2022

Watch: What could nature do for us?

22 May 2022 marks International Day for Biological Diversity. Watch our animation to find out just how important nature and biodiversity are for us.

Wakehurst landscape

The theme of this year's International Day for Biological Diversity, or World Biodiversity Day, is 'Building a shared future for all life'.

At Wakehurst, our wild botanic garden in Sussex, our scientists have embarked on a major new research project called Nature Unlocked to discover the many benefits of a biodiverse environment. 

Our experts are exploring and studying the ways nature could help us, from natural pest control to trees that could help prevent flooding. 

Our gardens at Wakehurst are a living laboratory.

The research will generate critical evidence for government policy makers, conservation bodies, and private landowners to redefine approaches to land management. 

Watch our animation to find out just how important biodiversity and nature are for all of us...

Two people walking in the Wakehurst woodland

Nature Unlocked

The Landscape Ecology Programme: connecting Wakehurst’s landscape, science, and visitors to research the value of nature for people, agriculture, and the environment.

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