28 September 2021

Kew Science launches new Science Strategy 2021 – 2025

Kew’s mission is to understand and protect plants and fungi for the well-being of people and the future of all life on Earth.

By Kew Science News

Deforested land with smoke and a small digger with a small area of green forest

Today, Kew Science unveils its new Science Strategy 2021 – 2025, which outlines an ambitious plan to help stop biodiversity loss and discover sustainable nature-based solutions to some of the biggest global challenges.

This is the full strategy that builds on the 2021-2025 Scientific Priorities document released earlier this year alongside RBG Kew’s Manifesto for Change

The Earth is losing plants, fungi and the ecosystems they are part of at an unprecedented rate.

Many of the useful properties of plants and fungi remain largely untapped and hold the potential to bring equitable benefits to people and nature. 

Building on 260 years of unique scientific experience, Kew Science has set out five Scientific Priorities to achieve transformative change and to help societies protect and sustainably use the world’s remaining biodiversity, while restoring what has been degraded: 

  • Priority 1: Ecosystem Stewardship
  • Priority 2: Trait Diversity and Function
  • Priority 3: Digital Revolution
  • Priority 4: Accelerated Taxonomy
  • Priority 5: Enhanced Partnerships

This will, of course, not be accomplished alone.

Kew’s 350+ scientists will continue to work in collaboration with an extensive network of partners in over 100 countries worldwide, but will establish new cross-disciplinary partnerships with other biodiversity institutions and beyond.

Professor Alexandre Antonelli, Director of Science, says 

“The Science Strategy provides clarity and direction on how Kew plans to capitalise on our core assets – our unparalleled living and preserved collections, infrastructure, people and data. We aim to deliver true benefits to people, the environment and the scientific community. I hope you will share our excitement for these plans and we look forward to joining forces in this critical work.”

Palm House trees

Manifesto for change 2021–2030

Kew's aspiration is to end the extinction crisis and to help create a world where nature is protected, valued by all and managed sustainably.

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