17 November 2022

Watch: What will you be eating in 2050?

With so many of our favourite foods facing extinction, including bananas, chocolate and coffee, our kitchen tables will look very different in the future.

By Grace Brewer

Oyster mushroom

Our food in 2050 is going to look very different.

There's a huge diversity of food crops that remain unexplored. To tackle climate change and the increasing risk of pests and diseases, we need to introduce more fungi and plant-based alternatives to our dinner plates.

After an incredible summer at Kew exploring the future of food, we spoke to a selection of artists, chefs, scientists and horticulturalists to hear what they think our favourite dishes will look like in decades to come.

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Unearthed: Journeys into the future of food

In episode 5, join presenter James Wong to discover what actions we need to take today, to secure nutritious and disease-resilient food in the future.