20 March 2020

Watch: Creating our American Prairie from scratch

Take a sneak peek at our wild seed collecting adventure in Illinois, USA, for Wakehurst's new American Prairie.

By Katie Avis-Riordan

Schulenberg Prairie in The Morton Arboretum, USA

We are creating a stunning new conservation landscape at Wakehurst inspired by the vast prairies and grasslands of North America. 

But where does the journey of our American Prairie start?

It begins with the collection of wild seeds from across the States, targeting species of prairie wildflowers and grasses to be planted in our six-acre landscape. 

We travelled to Illinois, USA, with our team of scientists and horticulturists to do just that. 

Watch the video below to go behind the scenes on our journey into the North American prairies, a diverse but endangered grassland ecosystem...

Eryngium yuccifolium

American Prairie

Exciting changes are afoot. We are creating a six-acre North American landscape inspired by the country’s sweeping prairies and vibrant grasslands.

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