Family nature activities

Explore the natural world with these fun activities for the whole family.

Little Explorers

Encourage your children to explore nature in your local area. 

Whether in a garden, park or woodland, use our activity sheets on your walks and get creative with the things you find along the way. 

Use our handy spotter sheets to identify interesting nature finds. 

  • Seeds of the chestnut-leaved oak (Quercus castaneifolia)

    Make a seed shaker (ages 0–3)

    With your child, make a seed shaker and explore the different sounds that seeds make.

  • Child playing at Wakehurst in Autumn

    Make an autumn nature mobile (ages 3–7)

    Collect seasonal treasures on your walks and make an autumn mobile to display your finds. 

  • Wollemi pines, Coates wood, Wakehurst, Ellen McHale/RBG Kew

    Pine cone investigation (ages 7+)

    Investigate the clever ways that pine cones have adapted to survive. 

  • Nordmann fir

    Winter sensory play dough (ages 0 – 3)

    Explore texture and scent with this sensory play dough activity.

  • Hedgehog in a leaf pile

    Make a clay hedgehog (ages 3–7)

    Hunt for natural items outside to make your very own hedgehog.

  • A sweet chestnut bursting from its casing on the forest floor

    Seed dispersal investigation (age 7+)

    Think like a scientist and explore the clever ways that seeds in your local environment have adapted to increase their chance of survival.

  • Bee pollinating yellow flower

    Fingerprint bees (ages 0 – 3)

    Explore the bees in your local area and recreate them at home using your fingers and paint.

  • Purple flower with yellow centre

    Grow your own native UK wildflowers (ages 3–7)

    Help us restore the diversity of native UK plants.

  • Tomato 'Shirley' in the Kitchen Garden

    Grow food from kitchen leftovers (age 7+)

    Don't let it go to waste; grow your own food from leftovers.

Spotter sheets

  • Full maidenhair tree with yellow leaves in autumn

    Autumn spotter sheet (ages 3 – 7)

    Use our handy spotter sheet to identify things you find in woodlands, parks and gardens. 

  • Shaggy parasol (Chlorophyllum rhacodes). Mushroom on woodland floor with a shaggy cap.

    Autumn spotter sheet (ages 7+)

    From pine cones to fungi, see what you can find when out and about in nature. 

  • Holly leaves and berries with snow

    Winter spotter sheet (ages 3 – 7)

    How many winter signs can you spot? 

  • Pine tree in winter

    Winter spotter sheet (age 7+)

    What plants and animals can you see around you? 

  • Cluster of yellow daffodils

    Spring spotter sheet (ages 3 – 7)

    Are the daffodils swaying and bees buzzing near you?

  • Indigo to blue flowers with nodding heads

    Spring spotter sheet (age 7+)

    How many signs of spring can you spot?