Commercial filming and photography at Wakehurst

Our wild botanic garden in the heart of Sussex makes the perfect filming and photo shoot location. Available all year round.

A wooden walkway through a green field

Beautiful throughout the year, Wakehurst has over 500 acres of the world’s plants and boasts a truly diverse landscape.

From the formal walled gardens which surround our Elizabethan Mansion (currently closed for vital restoration work), to the underground vaults and laboratories of our Millennium Seed Bank - our wild botanic garden has some unique locations to shoot in.

Our extraordinary living collection of exotic trees and woodland plants are inspired by landscapes all over the world. Whether you are looking for wetlands teaming with wildlife in the Loder Valley Nature Reserve, or looming rock outcrops and gnarled tree roots along the Rock Walk, the gardens contain a matrix of habitats which make the perfect backdrop for your film or photography shoot.

Make a booking

The first step to booking a shoot at Wakehurst is to download and fill in this application form.

Once complete, please email


All fees are based on crew size and charged on a per hour basis, for a minimum of two hours. 

  • 0-10 crew: £200 + VAT per hour
  • 11-20 crew: £300 + VAT per hour
  • 21-30 crew: £500 + VAT per hour
  • 31-50 crew: £1,000 + VAT per hour
  • 51-80 crew: £1,100 +VAT per hour
  • 80+ crew: 1,200 + VAT per hour

Important information

  • As a popular visitor attraction, open to the public, all crews are supervised by a member of Kew staff at all times during any filming or photography. This is to ensure that the gardens are used responsibly and that the crew has logistical support while on-site.
  • We ask all crews to be respectful of Kew’s property and plant collections, and that all operations on-site are carried out with consideration of the unique surroundings.
  • Wakehurst is available 24 hours a day for filming and photography (subject to pre-agreed and contracted hours).
  • Filming and photography fees are based on crew size and on a per hour basis. See rates for further information.
  • All crews are required to have valid public liability insurance and will be required to submit a risk assessment, electrical kit list etc.
  • Parking and large unit base available for a supplement fee, subject to availability.
  • Base rooms available.
  • Buggy for crew and kit transportation available on request.
  • Limited access for crew vehicles to come physically onto site before or after public opening hours.
  • Drone filming is permitted when agreed in advance. Include information on the application form if interested.
  • Bio-generators permitted for larger shoots, please enquire for further information.

Photography permits at Wakehurst

We offer various types of permits here at Wakehurst, based on a maximum shoot size of 5 individuals, including the photographer:

  • Pre-wedding or engagement
  • Wedding photography
  • Portrait photography (e.g. for work profiles)
  • Family portrait permits
  • Artist permits
  • Student permits for photography only (no filming without additional fee)

A permit allows you to shoot in the Gardens during the opening hours on a pre-arranged date. Kindly note that the permit does not include the entrance fee to Wakehurst. Entry tickets for the gardens can be purchased online or on the day.

All permits are subject to standard terms and conditions which will be sent to you once you have enquired via email.

If you are interested in filming as opposed to photography, do note that we do not offer a dedicated permit for this, so please fill out the application form and send to


  • £65 + VAT all permits (except student permits)
  • £45 + VAT for student permits (college or university)

Please note: All permits must be purchased at least 48 hours prior to the shoot date and cannot be purchased on the day.

To purchase a photography permit, email 


Wakehurst is now working in collaboration with Sussex Film Office, whose aim is to make sure that filming in Sussex is a brilliant experience for all. We are proud to work with them to help coordinate and produce successful filming in Sussex. 

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A path through a woodland with high grass
Woods at Wakehurst, Jim Holden © RBG Kew