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W.D. Clayton, M. Vorontsova, K.T. Harman & H. Williamson

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Guaduella dichroa

HABIT Perennial. Culms erect; 45–80 cm long. Culm-internodes striate; distally glabrous. Lateral branches lacking. Culm-sheaths persistent; 4–10 cm long; chartaceous. Leaves cauline; 3–4 per branch. Leaf-sheaths inflated; mostly shorter than adjacent culm internode; striately veined; puberulous. Ligule an eciliate membrane; 0.2–0.5 mm long; scarious; truncate. Leaf-blade base with a brief petiole-like connection to sheath. Leaf-blades elliptic, or oblong; 12–24 cm long; 25–85 mm wide; mid-green and purple; discolorous with last colour beneath. Leaf-blade venation with obscure cross veins. Leaf-blade surface puberulous; hairy abaxially. Leaf-blade apex attenuate.

INFLORESCENCE Inflorescence a panicle. Peduncle pubescent above.

Panicle linear, or ovate. Primary panicle branches indistinct the panicle almost racemose, or simple. Panicle axis pubescent.

Spikelets solitary. Fertile spikelets pedicelled.

FERTILE SPIKELETS Spikelets comprising 7–14 fertile florets. Spikelets linear, or lanceolate; laterally compressed; 30–40 mm long; breaking up at maturity; disarticulating below each fertile floret.

GLUMES Glumes persistent; similar; shorter than spikelet. Lower glume ovate; 3.5–4.5 mm long; 0.75 length of upper glume; herbaceous; without keels. Lower glume surface glabrous, or pubescent. Lower glume apex acute. Upper glume ovate; 5–6.5 mm long; herbaceous; without keels. Upper glume surface glabrous, or pubescent. Upper glume apex acute.

FLORETS Fertile florets divergent. Fertile lemma ovate; 7.5–9 mm long; herbaceous; without keel; 7 -veined. Lemma lateral veins with cross-veins. Lemma surface pilose; hairy below. Lemma margins ciliolate; hairy above. Lemma apex obtuse. Palea oblong; 4 -veined. Palea keels winged; narrowly winged; ciliolate. Palea surface pilose; hairy on back. Palea apex obtuse.

FLOWER Lodicules 2; oblong, or cuneate; 2 mm long; membranous; truncate. Anthers 6; 2.5 mm long. Filaments free. Stigmas 2; papillose.

DISTRIBUTION Africa: west-central tropical.

NOTES Guaduellaeae. Cope 1999.

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