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How to Make a Contribution

The current database has a massive scope and is intended as an open ended store of grass descriptions.

We would appreciate any comments, corrections, additions or deletions that you might suggest with regard to the grasses in your field of expertise.

When making corrections, we strongly suggest you carefully go through the Character List and the notes that go with each of the characters - we have had to generalise our terminology so as to encompass the broad scope of all grasses.

We would prefer if you could send us the original description with additional comments added in - please try to stick to the original character list and states. We are happy to accept both electronic and paper modifications at the present.

Alternatively if you know how to use the Delta Editor, then we can provide you with the DELTA descriptions (items file) for you to modify.

Modified descriptions will be checked and then incorporated into the descriptions database. Due credit will obviously be given for any changes that are incorporated.

Please send your changes to:

c/o Maria Vorontsova
Royal Botanic Gardens
Richmond, Surrey
United Kingdom


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