Nature wellbeing and mindfulness

Learn the practices of nature connection and mindfulness to promote your sense of wellbeing.

Bluebells  in Bethlehem wood, Wakehurst


Sunday 22 March 2020

Sunday 2 August 2020

Sunday 20 September 2020


10.30am – 4.30pm


Wakehurst woodlands

Meet at Wakehurst Visitor Centre



£36 for Wakehurst and Kew members

Includes day entry to the gardens and car parking

Adults only/18+

Re-energise and relax at our nature wellbeing and mindfulness workshop.

Immersed within the beautiful Wakehurst landscape, workshop leader Jim Morgan will show you how to put stresses aside and experience nourishment from the beauty and awe of nature.

As you walk through the ancient woodlands, you will be shown how to slow down, be still, let go and connect to nature through all your senses.

You will explore the practices of nature connection and mindfulness, and learn about the importance of nature for our sense of wellbeing.