Children's Heritage Garden

Go beyond the Walled Garden to explore this enchanting place, where flowers, herbs and vegetables grow alongside each other.

Children play in the mud kitchen

Get stuck in

Mud kitchen

Kids love getting dirty – it’s in their nature! And what better place for them to do it than in the great outdoors.

Our mud kitchen is a firm favourite with children of all ages as they roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty.

Complete with pots, pans, teapots and cookie cutters, our mud kitchen is the perfect spot to encourage children to get creative.

The potting shed

Our popular potting shed houses all that budding gardeners need to grow their very own plants from seed.

Simply step inside and follow the instructions to pot your very own seed to take home and watch flourish.

Dig It!

Children will love getting hands-on in our raised ‘Dig it’ bed near the potting shed. Full of a wooden vegetables, children can enjoy digging and replanting as they practise their gardening skills.

Vegetable Garden

Discover our vegetable garden bursting with colours, scents and tastes.

Our chefs love to see what is growing in the garden and some of what you see here ends up on offer in the restaurant.

Fresh herbs add flavour, and edible flowers such as nasturtiums and borage give dishes a final, colourful flourish.

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