Himalayan Glade

Experience a sense of the Himalaya in this dramatic cleft of the Westwood Valley.

A valley with many trees, rocks and plants

Escape to the peace and calm of the Himalayan Glade, less than a five minute walk from the Water Gardens.

The Himalaya comes to Sussex on the north side of the Westwood Valley.

The location is an inspired choice by Wakehurst’s intrepid plant hunters, who spotted similarities between this habitat and mountainous regions of China they’d explored. 

A seasonal stream flows down from dramatic sandstone cliffs, beside which grow Asian Euphorbias and ginger lilies. 

Visitors are rewarded with great views across the Himalayan Glade from the viewpoint on its eastern side, south of the Pinetum.  

Find the Himalayan Glade at marker 19 on our Map of Wakehurst

Designed landscapes  

This is one of our designed landscapes, where Wakehurst begins to get dramatic and wild. In these areas, we use wild collected plants arranged by country. The system is called phytogeographic planting – offering a chance to travel the world in the heart of Sussex.   

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