Discover Wakehurst as it wakes up from Winter

Join us in January or February for a day themed around the season with an exclusive 15% discount.

Bluebells, Bethlehem Wood, Wakehurst

Our learning programme is the perfect place for curious minds and hands on learning.

With our many indoor or covered teaching and lunch spaces, it is never too early in the year to enjoy a visit.

Choose a focus from below, and an experienced teacher will plan a day with you to suit the season, the weather and your interests.

There is so much to enjoy at Wakehurst: learning trails, hands on activities, a visit to the Millennium Seed Bank and much more.  

KS1 focus

Amazing seeds

National Curriculum links

Parts of a plant and life cycles, habitats. 

KS2 focus

Amazing seeds


Flower structure

National curriculum links

Habitats, parts of plants and their functions, plant growth / life requirements.

KS3 to KS5 focus

Choose a lab focus and/or a Millennium Seed Bank / conservation focus.

Please note, only one lab-based session is available per day.

  • Plant reproduction
  • Photosynthesis
  • Plant structure and transport
  • DNA profiling
  • Millennium Seed Bank
  • Trees and the environment
  • Conservation in action at Wakehurst
A group of children investigate the ground in a forest environment

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Visit with your school or university group and be inspired by our wild botanic garden in Sussex.