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Find out about prices for school visits and browse information to help you plan your visit.

Redwoods at Wakehurst

Booking your visit

First you'll need to decide whether you want an assisted or self-led visit.

If you choose an assisted visit, an experienced Wakehurst teacher will be allocated to plan your visit with you. You can browse our sessions here.

We ask all educational groups to book their day in advance, whether visiting independently or taking part in a session led by a Wakehurst teacher.

Make a booking enquiry

Visiting during coronavirus 

We’re excited to welcome you back to Wakehurst. To keep everyone safe, we've introduced enhanced measures to ensure the wellbeing of pupils and staff. 

We are temporarily changing our approach to education bookings during these difficult times. 

We are accepting provisional bookings and you won't need to commit and pay for your visit until three weeks before your visit date.

If an education session you have booked isn't able to be delivered due to coronavirus, we will provide you with as much notice as possible.

We will offer you a self-led visit, or you can postpone or cancel your booking and we will refund any booking fee paid.

Please contact us for further details. 

Coronavirus safety measures

We’ve put some things in place to make sure visiting is safe for everyone. 

To help plan your visit, we will be in touch with you to discuss our coronavirus risk assessment and other relevant risk assessments. 

We review all our measures regularly as the situation changes. 

  • Our staff and volunteers will not come to Wakehurst if they feel unwell and have displayed coronavirus symptoms or have tested positive within the last 7 days.
  • If you or someone in your group feels unwell, they shouldn't visit Wakehurst until they're feeling better. 
  • Capacity is reduced to keep schools that visit Wakehurst socially distanced. 
  • Enhanced cleaning is in place across Wakehurst. 
  • Indoor teaching and lunch spaces are allocated to one school. 
  • Indoor work areas are closed to the public and are well ventilated. 
  • School visits are carefully planned to maximise time outdoors. 
  • Wakehurst resources are cleaned or quarantined for 72 hours between schools/bubbles. 
  • Wakehurst teachers and volunteers maintain 2m distancing from school staff and pupils. Face masks and/or visors are worn inside or when 2m distancing is compromised. 
  • We aim to work with schools' coronavirus systems where possible. These are discussed in detail at the planning stage, including number of bubbles, distancing within bubbles, and sharing of resources within a bubble. 



  • Half day visit (20 students per group): £150


  • Half day visit (30 students per group): £150
  • Full day visit (30 students per group): £200 


  • Half day visit (20-30 students per group): £150
  • Full day visit (20-30 students per group): £200

Self-led visit

  • Free entry for students in full time education made in advance (7 days notice required).
  • This also applies to groups with an Educational Group National Trust card. 

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Health and safety

Supervising your group 

Unassisted visit

We require a minimum supervision ratio of 1 adult to 10 pupils. We recommend pupils are accompanied by adults in the following ratios:

  • SENs - 1:1
  • Early Years/Reception - 1:4
  • Key Stage 1 - 1:5
  • Key Stage 2 - 1:8
  • Key Stage 3 - 1:10
  • Key Stage 4 - 1:12
  • Key Stage 5 - 1:12

Assisted visits

We require a minimum supervision ratio of 1 adult to 10 pupils.We recommend pupils are accompanied by adults in the following ratios:

  • SENs - 1:1
  • Early Years/Reception - 1:4
  • Key Stage 1 - 1:5
  • Key Stage 2 - 1:8
  • Key Stage 3 - 1:10
  • Key Stage 4 - 1:12
  • Key Stage 5 - 1:12


Risk assessment

Relevant risk assessments are provided during the planning stages of assisted visits. 

All our teachers are experienced and all teachers and volunteers are DBS checked.

Planning your visit

Preliminary teacher visit

Once you've confirmed your assisted visit, we advise you to visit Wakehurst in advance to plan the day.

We provide free entry for teachers coming on planning visits. If you're unable to come for a planning visit, planning can be done by phone/email.

Recommended timings

Arrival can be any time after 10am. Departure times are no later than 3pm unless agreed otherwise (they may be determined by the distance to be travelled back to school).

Briefing your pupils before your visit 

Take care around:

  • lake and ponds
  • moving vehicles
  • poisonous, thorny and spiky plants

Follow the garden rules  and...

  • don't climb trees
  • don't pick or eat any plants
  • keep out of areas marked no entry 
  • no ball games

What to bring

We have a cloakroom facility where pupils can drop off their bags and lunches at the start of the day. 

  • a bag to carry lunch
  • waterproofs
  • comfortable shoes
  • water bottle
  • sun protection
  • layered clothing
  • any medication e.g epipens or inhalers 

Preparing your adults

Make sure all accompanying adults understand the importance of supervising their group and what to do in an emergency. 

  • itinerary for sessions, lunch and leaving time
  • mobile phone numbers for all adults in your group
  • emergency number: 01444 894100 (for emergencies, lost children and First Aid)

On the day

Travelling to Wakehurst 

If travelling by coach, enter and drop off in the main car park. 

Check our getting here advice for the closest train station and directions. 

What to do when you arrive

You'll be met by a member of the Wakehurst teaching team, who will lead you through the rest of the day. 

If you're running late

If you're unexpectedly delayed on the day, please phone us as soon as possible on 01444894055 or email with your revised time of arrival.

It's important that you are on site to start the education sessions on time.


Wakehurst volunteers will take you to your lunchtime location. Lunch is usually eaten outside, but on wet days you can eat lunch in the Mansion or the Field study centre. Waterproof mats are provided for students if lunch is eaten outside. 


There are toilets located at the schools entrance and near to the Wakehurst Mansion, Millennium Seed Bank and Field Study Centre. When working with soil, leaf litter and pond water, it is important to remember to cover cuts and to wash hands. 

Logo of the 'Learning outside the classroom quality badge'

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge 

Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst

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