KS4 Themed day: Art and design

Wakehurst is the perfect place to inspire young artists, with our stunning landscapes and exotic plants. This programme includes up to three sessions designed around your chosen theme.

Ferns dried out


Key Stage 4


Full day visit

Allocated space

20 students per group


Wakehurst offers the perfect opportunity to ‘wow’ students with design and beauty in nature. Whether sketching around the gardens, taking photographs, or using the large amount of exotic plant material we can supply, ideas can flow freely.

The day aims to model the creative process, encouraging students to ‘take risks’ and investigate and refine ideas. Time in our laboratory using microscopes can encourage students to observe in greater detail and to explore potential for different media and stylistic approaches.

Students are sure to return with stimulating images, prints and sketchbook experience, as well as ideas ready to take further.

Learning outcomes

School visits at Wakehurst support and enhance the curriculum offered in schools and colleges. We aim to give students opportunities that are difficult or impossible to create in the school or college environment.

We design our sessions to match the learning outcomes in the National Curriculum and GCSE specifications.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Sketch/photograph landscapes.
  • Use native and exotic plant material in natural form and still-life projects.
  • Create 2D and 3D ephemeral art using a rich variety of natural materials.
  • Use microscopes to explore the intricate detail of plants.
  • Use a variety of media and techniques.
  • Look at the work of artists who are inspired by plants.

Curriculum links 


  • To actively engage in the creative process of art.
  • To become confident in taking risks and learning from experience.
  • To experiment with ideas, processes, media, materials and techniques.
  • To record ideas, observations, insights and independent judgements.
  • To use drawing skills for different and purposes.
  • To record the observed world.
  • To learn through practical experience.

The specifications for exam boards vary. When you book a school visit at Wakehurst, let us know which exam board you are using and we will work with you to tailor the session for your students.

A wide shot of the winter garden

Key Stage 4 sessions

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