EYFS The dragon's treasure trail

Explore the gardens, search for the ‘dragon’s treasure’, and collect natural materials along the way.

Flowers at Wakehurst, Jim Holden


Early Years


45 minutes

Allocated space

30 pupils

The day begins with the story of the Wakehurst dragon and how he left treasure in the gardens long ago. 

Perfect for autumn, pupils will go on a trail to collect their own 'treasures' around the gardens and begin to explore different types of seeds and parts of plants. 

Add two of our 45 minute activities to build a full day visit, or add in one 45 minute activity to make a half day.

Our recommended activities are The dragon’s amazing seeds, Art in the garden, and In the potting shed.

Learning outcomes 

We design our sessions to match the learning outcomes in the EYFS National Curriculum. All our sessions have a cross-curricular approach and are tailored to suit the educational needs of your group.  

This session offers pupils the opportunity to 

  • Listen to and follow instructions.

  • Walk and cooperate in groups.

  • Explore and observe the natural surroundings.

  • Find out about plants and seeds.

  • Talk about their findings.

  • Make a collection.

  • Listen for sounds in nature. 

Curriculum links 

All areas of the EYFS curriculum are supported in a cross curricular form. 

The prime areas of learning are

  • Communication and language 

  • Physical development 

  • Personal, social and emotional development 

Specific areas of learning

  • Understanding the world 

  • Make observations about plants and explain why some things occur 

  • Understand about similarities and differences in relation to plants 

  • Talk about features of the environment 

  • Expressive arts and design
Pupils on a Wakehurst school visit

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