Wakehurst Explorer Rucksacks

Pull on one of our Explorer Rucksacks and prepare for an intrepid journey through Wakehurst. Jam-packed with creative goodies, each rucksack will make sure kids make the most of their time in the gardens.

Explorer rucksacks
Explorer rucksacks © RBG Kew

Explorer Rucksacks are available from 19 April to pick up from the Visitor Centre. 

Pull on one of our Explorer Rucksacks! Updated seasonally, there's always something fresh to discover at Wakehurst. We have three packs for your adventure:

  • Nature explorers (under 6s): Get set for a challenge and search for winter treasures like buds, catkins, and bulbs
  • Discovery explorer (6 – 8s): Be a wildlife detective and get up-close to the world's mini-beasts
  • Expedition explorer (8+): Use binoculars to take our winter challenge with a checklist of things to spot in the trees. Learn how to use a compass and be a forester for the day. 

Adults may need to lend a hand with some of the activities. 

Make sure you pick up an Explorer Rucksack (£4 hire charge) from the Visitor Centre when you arrive.

Coronavirus safety 

  • All re-useable items, and the rucksack itself, will be quarantined, cleaned and sanitised after each use. 
  • The rucksacks are cleaned and restocked regularly. 
  • When you pick up your backpack, you will be the first and only person to use it that day.
Children playing at Wakehurst


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