Seed bank could protect your Easter roast

This Easter, scientists from the Millennium Seed Bank explain exactly what they are doing to protect the carrots for your Sunday roast - and lots of other foods that are regulars on our dinner plates.

The calm after the storm

Wakehurst’s Garden Manager Chris Clennett revisits the Great Storm of 1987, when the estate lost 20,000 trees, and explains how the landscape has since been transformed.

Why tree-climbing is making a comeback

Mark Hawes, Director of The Big Tree Climbing Company explains how tree-climbing is fulfilling our need for safe thrills, and how it can boost confidence as well as help connect us to nature.

Our gin is safe!

The Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst now holds a complete collection of seeds from native juniper trees in the UK.

Bluebells 'on ice'

Bluebells are just one of the many jewels in Wakehurst’s glittering crown. The intense blue flowers that look so pretty ‘en masse’ transform our woodland floors from April right through to the end of May, depending on the weather conditions.

My TEDx talk

Wakehurst Head of Landscape and Horticulture Ed Ikin reflects on his TEDx experience where he talked about how botanic gardens can win hearts and minds...