The making of Siyanda

Siyanda, protector of plants, will reveal plant secrets in the Africa zone of the Temperate House this October half term. Artist Naomi Oppenheim is the woman behind the puppet, and tells us how she brought Siyanda to life.

Kew and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals were set by the United Nations in 2015 with the hope to transform the world and lift millions out of poverty. Kew plays a crucial role in the UK's work to fulfil its commitments.

11 fun-gi facts

Fungi are frankly fantastic. From your daily bread to saving lives, they play a pivotal role in the world. Here are a few surprising facts you didn't know about our fungal friends.

Courgettes: King of the summer veg

Whether they're fried, baked, or tossed in a salad, courgettes are a delicious summer staple. Kew Kitchen Gardener Héléna Dove tells us more about these speedy green growers.