What is a botanic garden?

Maybe dating back to the 4th century BCE, the purpose of a botanic garden has changed. Sharon Willoughby, Historian and Head of Interpretation, explains how Kew fits into that journey.

Colombia: Evolution's favourite playground

We are celebrating Colombia’s incredible biodiversity through the orchid festival. Sergio Marrugo, former ColPlantA programme intern at Kew and biologist, tells us what makes his country's plant life so varied.

Colombia's most interesting orchids

There is an incredible diversity of orchids on this Earth; over 25,000 species of them! Expert Oscar Alejandro Pérez Escobar shares his five favourite orchid facts from his native Colombia.

Secrets of the Palm House revealed

Palm House Supervisor, Will Spoelstra, reveals little-known secrets of Kew’s world-famous glasshouse, from nesting robins to our extraordinary tropical plants.