A Wartime Christmas Pudding

In November this year, we commemorated the end of World War I, but it is important to remember that production and commerce took several more years to settle down. The rationing that was implemented in the UK in 1918 wasn't lifted until 1920 and the Christmas which immediately followed armistice was the harshest of all, across Europe. Even so, that didn’t stop people trying to have a good time.

Long live the weeds

Weeds: invasive aliens, useful plants, and everything inbetween. In this blog post, Library Graduate Trainee Will McGuire follows this tangled subject to some unexpected places.

A museum in paper: fungi illustrations

With Kew’s State of the World’s Fungi Symposium taking place this week, it seems the perfect time to take a look at some of the fungi illustrations held in our collections.

A Walking Tour of the Library Collections

Kew has many collections of materials that comprise the Library facet of the Library, Art and Archives. Heading rapidly towards the end of his year-long tenure, our library graduate trainee has gone for a tour of these collections and taken a camera to record the trip for posterity.