Photographing trees

This two-day course will show you how to produce stunning photographs of trees, as well as details of bark and leaves. 24-25 October.

Fungi growing at Kew Gardens

Watercolour workshop: fungi

Join us on this workshop where you'll learn to record different types of mushroom before drawing and painting them. 14-16 November.

The Arboretum at Kew


Improve your well-being on this six-day mindfulness course at Kew Gardens. You'll develop your focus and clarity as well as your decision-making and listening skills. September to October.

The Rock Garden at Kew

Creative Writing

Are you an aspiring writer looking for inspiration? Find it in the Gardens at Kew on this one-day creative writing course with author Lynda Waterhouse. 12 October.

Orchids using artistic filter

iPad art workshop

Use different techniques on your iPad®* combined with the flowers and scenes at Kew Gardens to create perfect pictures.