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Strategic Outputs 2020

Kew's Science Strategy sets out nine exciting and ambitious strategic outputs to be achieved by 2020. These outputs will make a vital contribution to plant and fungal science, education, policy and conservation management worldwide.

Science in the Gardens

We will use new technologies, behind the scenes tours and events featuring our scientists, and a new, annual Science Festival to bring science to life for our visitors.

Local people on the Avenue of the Baobabs, Morondava, Madagascar (Credit: Gavin Evans, licensed under CC-by-SA 3.0)

State of the World's Plants

Kew Science has launched its second State of the World's Plants report, providing a cutting-edge horizon scan and taking stock of the world's most valuable and vulnerable plants.
Aerial view of tropical forest (Image: William Milliken)

Plants of the World Online

The Plants of the World Online (POWO) portal is an online global resource for plant knowledge.

Amazon forest

Tropical Important Plant Areas

Kew aims to identify and map Tropical Important Plant Areas in seven countries by 2020.
Herbarium specimens for digitisation

Digitising the Collections

Kew’s scientific collections contain over 8.5 million items; we aim to make 80% of our collections digitally available by 2020.

Plant and Fungal Tree of Life

Plant and Fungal Trees of Life

There are currently gaps in our knowledge of the evolutionary relationships between species. Kew aims to fill these gaps by completing the Plant and Fungal Trees of Life for all genera by 2020.

Picture shows glass jars lying on their side on a shelf. Each jar contains seeds. (Image: Wolfgang Stuppy)

Banking the World's Seeds

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is the largest ex situ plant conservation programme in the world and aims to bank seed from 25% of the world's plant species by 2020.

Grass workshop in Tana, Madagascar

Training the Next Generation

Kew’s exciting new MSc course in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation is training the next generation of scientists.

Preparation of Balanites aegytiaca seed for use as a natural pesticide

Useful Plants and Fungi Portal

This new portal will provide a window into a wealth of information on the economic and traditional uses of plants and fungi.