Oliver Ellingham

Community Fungus Survey Technician


Job title: 
Community Fungus Survey Technician
Identification and Naming
Research profiles:


I work with Brian Douglas on the Lost and Found Fungi project. We aim to assess the conservation status of a rolling list of 100 species which we think could be among the most threatened fungi in Britain, but which need much more survey work before we can assess their conservation needs with any confidence. The project inevitably generates interesting bycatch (rare species not included on the list) which we also process.

My role within our small team is to promote the scheme via social media, identify, curate, and database received samples, and work on smaller, self-contained aspects of the project such as matters of taxonomy. These aspects of the work fit well with my considered specialities, however I tend towards the plant pathogenic fungi such as the powdery mildews (the subject of my PhD research) and now the rare rusts and smuts included on our list!


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • PhD, Univ. Reading, 2017
  • BSc (Hons), Univ. Bristol, 2012
  • Awarded Marsh Christian Trust Horticultural Science Award 2016: Most promising young horticultural researcher in the UK.
  • Awarded University of Reading Science Slam Champion, 2015: Science communication to the masses.