Jaume Pellicer Moscardó

Research Leader, Character Evolution


Job title: 
Research Leader, Character Evolution
Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology
Foreign languages: 
Catalan (mother tongue), Spanish, French
Research profiles:


I am a Research Leader within the Character Evolution team. My main scientific interest is to understand the evolutionary mechanisms governing plant genome size diversification and its significance in a changing environment.

My research takes advantage of the extensive gardens collections and overseas field expeditions, and integrates both laboratory work and applied bioinformatics in the following areas:

  • Model-based analyses to study genome size and chromosome evolution (including physical DNA organisation) across several land plant groups.
  • Genomic approaches to comprehensively explore plant giant genomes using next generation sequencing technologies.
  • Large-scale genome dynamics in the course of plant radiations, with a particular focus on island colonisations.



Qualifications and appointments: 
  • BSc, University of Valencia, 2004
  • MSc, University of Barcelona, 2006
  • PhD, University of Barcelona, 2009 (PhD prize for the best thesis in plant sciences 2009-10, Faculty of Pharmacy)


Selected publications: 

Hidalgo*, O., Pellicer*, J., Christenhusz, M.C., Schneider, H., Leitch, A.R., Leitch, I.J. (2017). Is there an upper limit to genome size? Trends in Plant Science 22: 567-573

Hidalgo*, O., Pellicer*, J., Christenhusz, M.C., Schneider, H., Leitch, I.J.  (2017). Genomic gigantism on the whisk-fern family (Psilotaceae): Tmesipteris obliqua challenges record holder Paris japonica. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 183: 509-514

Pellicer*, J., Hidalgo*, O., Walker, J., Chase, M.W., Christenhusz, M.C., Schackelford, G., Leitch, I.J., Fay, M.F. 2017. Genomic size dynamics in tribe Gilliesieae (Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Allioideae) in the context of polyploidy and unsual incidence of Robertsonian translocations. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 184: 16-31

Macas, J., Novák, P., Pellicer, J., Čížková, J., Koblížková, A., Neumann, P., Fuková, I., Doležel, J., Kelly, L.J., Leitch, I.J. (2016) In Depth Characterization of Repetitive DNA in 23 Plant Genomes Reveals Sources of Genome Size Variation in the Legume Tribe Fabeae. PLOS One. 10(11): e0143424

Pellicer, J., Kelly, L.J., Leitch, I.J. Zomlefer,W.B. & Fay, M.F. (2014) A universe of dwarfs and giants: genome size and chromosome evolution in the monocot family Melanthiaceae. New Phytologist 201: 1484-1497.