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Kew's Science Strategy

Our scientific vision is to document and understand global plant and fungal diversity and its uses, bringing authoritative expertise to bear on the critical challenges facing humanity today.

A global resource for plant and fungal knowledge

Kew's Science Strategy

The core purpose of Kew’s science stems from a simple but often overlooked truth: all our lives depend on plants.

Download Kew's Science Strategy 2015-2020 (pdf)

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Strategic priorities

We have three strategic priorities:

1.  To document and conduct research into global plant and fungal diversity and its uses for humanity.

2.  To curate and provide data-rich evidence from Kew’s unrivalled collections as a global asset for scientific research. 

3.  To disseminate our scientific knowledge of plants and fungi, maximising its impact in science, education, conservation policy and management. 

These priorities enable us to curate, use, enhance, explore and share Kew’s global resource, providing robust data and a strong evidence base for our UK and global stakeholders.

Strategic outputs:

In addressing these priorities, we will achieve the following strategic outputs:

Our departments

These outputs will be led by multidisciplinary teams and will be facilitated by the structure of Kew’s Science Directorate consisting of six research departments supported by the Office of the Science Directorate, and Library, Art & Archives. The research departments are: 

With this new vision and strategy, we aim to make our scientific resources a global asset, bringing benefits to science, conservation policy and education worldwide.