Illustrated guide to the Trees of Peru

T.D. Pennington, C. Reynel and A. Daza

This 848-page, hardcover book provides the first comprehensive generic account of the Peruvian tree flora, one of the richest in the world. It describes 980 genera, including those that are commonly cultivated or naturalised in Peru. Identification keys to families and genera are provided together with over 900 line illustrations and nearly 200 colour illustrations. The publication should serve as an important guide for foresters, botanists, students and tourists and will be useful not only in Peru but in other Andean countries such as Ecuador and Bolivia that share many of the same tree species.

How to order

The Illustrated Guide to the Trees of Peru can be ordered online from the NHBS Environment Bookstore.

Alternatively it can be purchased directly from the publishers. Please send a cheque for £40 (includes UK postage) to:

DH Books
The Manse,
Chapel Lane,

Milborne Port,
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