Neotropical Flowering Plants

Geographical scope of Neotropikey

Geographical scope of NeotropikeyNeotropikey focuses primarily on plant families and genera occurring in the tropical regions of Latin America, i.e. those found between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer (see map).

However, some contributors have chosen to employ a wider interpretation of the region, incorporating non-tropical Latin American taxa into their accounts.

In such cases these accounts may include elements of the flora of the Southern Cone, northern Mexico and the southern USA.


Classification system used by Neotropikey

Neotropikey currently recognises a total of 318 Neotropical angiosperm families.  The project was initiated in 2007, prior to publication of the APG III system. However, we have adopted the APG III classification system for the Monocotyledon families, and the classification for the Dicotyledon families follows the APG II system with pragmatic changes to APG III where judged necessary.  In the section “Notes on delimitation” each family webpage states the concept used for that particular family.