Neotropical Flowering Plants

About the key


The key has been coded by a wide range of international collaborators, many of whom also produced the family synopses.

Character coding

It is possible that, due to different interpretations of character states, minor problems may arise with key functionality. In such cases these will be remedied in the next version of the key. If you encounter any such problems, please inform the Neotropikey team by emailing

Geographical scope

Whilst the principal focus of the key is plant families in the Neotropics (between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn), some contributors have chosen to include taxa from non-tropical parts of Latin America.

Taxonomic scope

Whilst the principal taxonomic focus of the key is native plants, we have also endeavoured to include taxa that are most commonly cultivated or naturalised. However, it should be noted that not all cultivated or naturalised taxa have been included.

Neotropikey currently recognises a total of 318 Neotropical angiosperm families.  The project was initiated in 2007, prior to publication of the APG III system. However, we have adopted the APG III classification system for the Monocotyledon families, and the classification for the Dicotyledon families follows the APG II system with pragmatic changes to APG III where judged necessary.

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