Programa Flora Cristalino

The reserves

The Cristalino State Park

The Cristalino State Park was established in June 2000 with an area of 66,900 ha. In 2001 it was expanded to 118,000 ha (89km by 32km). The main part of the reserve lies within the Municipality of Novo Mundo, with the westernmost section in the Municipality of Alta Floresta.

The geology and topography of the park are varied, and this is reflected in the vegetation. This ranges from tall terra firme forest to seasonally flooded forest, campinarana, dry forest and campo rupestre. As a consequence, the botanical diversity of the park is high.

The southern, western and eastern boundaries of the park are bordered by cattle ranches. Since the establishment of the reserve there have been major incursions from farmers, converting substantial tracts of natural vegetation to pasture. SEMA, under whose authority the park currently lies, is working to control the situation and to develop a management plan for the reserve.

FEC's private reserves

The Cristalino Ecological Foundation is a non-governmental organisation based in Alta Floresta, working to promote conservation and environmental education in the region. FEC also runs an environmental education programme, Escola da Amazônia. FEC is already responsible for the management of a small private forest reserve (RPPN) on the right bank of the Cristalino River, a tributary of the Teles Pires. It is currently in the process of establishing a larger reserve on the left bank of the Cristalino. Between them these reserves will help to secure the long-term conservation of a significant tract of forest adjacent to the larger, state-managed Parque Estadual Cristalino. The vegetation in the area includes terra firme forest, seasonally flooded forest and, on granitic outcrops, patches of seasonal dry forest and rupicolous vegetation.