Programa Flora Cristalino

Downloadable outputs

The project is developing a range of scientific and educational outputs including guides, reports, checklists...


- Manual to the vegetation and plants of Cristalino

- Online checklist of the plants of Cristalino


Programa Flora Cristalino poster

Designed to illustrate the diversity and beauty of plants in the Cristalino forest and to raise awareness of the importance of conservation, this poster was distributed to all schools and a range of other public buildings and organisations in the Alta Floresta region in August 2007. [Click image to view]

Cristalino poster

Rubiaceae of Cristalino

The first of a series of printable photographic identification guides to the plants of the region.

[Click image to view PDF]

Vegetação do Parque Estadual Cristalino (Vegetation of the Cristalino State Park)

Preliminary report produced for SEMA in May 2008 as an interim resource for management planning. Includes descriptions of the principal vegetation types, vegetation map, evaluation of human impacts and preliminary conservation recommendations. (Portuguese language: Click image to view]

Other outputs
  • Poster presentation (Vegetation of Cristalino) presented by Denise Sasaki at Brazilian Botanical Congress 2007.
  • Preliminary vegetation map of Cristalino private reserves (RPPNs) produced and used to orientate management planning workshop.
  • Interactive map of the private reserves (RPPNs)
  • Management plans finalised for new private reserves (October 2007).
  • Educational trail developed in Alta Floresta.
  • Preliminary checklist produced (to be made available online 2009).
  • Plants of Cristalino calendar (2008).
  • Over 3,000 named herbarium collections.