Manual to the vegetation and plants of Cristalino

Published by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Fundação Ecológica Cristalino, 2011

Vegetação e plantas do Cristalino - um manual

Denise Sasaki, Daniela Zappi, William Milliken, Dracieli da Silva Henicka & José Piva

Cristalino manual cover


This richly illustrated manual to the principal vegetation types and selected plant species of the Cristalino region constitutes one of the principal outputs from Programa Flora Cristalino.

The Cristalino region, locates in the extreme north of the State of Mato Grosso, at the edge of the Amazon's 'arc of deforestation', is one of the highest conservation prioritiesw in the Brazilian Amazon. Diverse human activities have caused siginificant levels of biodiversity loss in an area whose fauna and flora are still relatively poorly known from the scientific perspective.

The book provides an important, accessible information resource for students, researchers, conservation managers and ecotourists.

Copies of the manual can be purchased from Fundação Ecológica Cristalino.