Programa Flora Cristalino

The flora

Progress towards a checklist

Sciadocephala sp.We have prepared a preliminary checklist of the flora of the region, based on over 3,000 herbarium collections. Although this will not be a complete record of the species present (many years of further research will be required), it represents a major leap forward in our understanding of the flora of the region.

The species include many new records for the State of Mato Grosso, several rare and endemic species, and at least five that are entirely new to science (this number is likely to rise).

One of the more exciting discoveries has been a new species of Sciadocephala, a genus of the Compositae family that has never previously been recorded in Brazil. Compositae rarely occur as forest herbs but this species, with its variegated leaves, is a true forest denizen. It has only been seen in one location, and only during the rainy season.