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Stomatanthes R. M. King & H. Rob., Phytologia 19: 430 (1970).

Type: Eupatorium africanum Oliv. & Hiern = Stomatanthes africanum (Oliv. & Hiern) R. M. King & H. Rob.

Stomatanthes dentatus (Gardner) H. Rob., Phytoloia 20: 336 (1970).

*Eupatorium dentatum Gardner, London J. Bot. 6: 443 (1847). Type: Hab. Dry upland grassy Campos near Villa de Arrayas, Province of Goyaz. March, 1840. [Gardner] 3833. This was recorded in Fosters list (Foster, 1958: 208), and by Robinson (1920), although R. M. King & H. Robinson (1987) did not record the species, or any other, for Bolivia. Material will have to be checked carefully.

Eupatorium tetranthum Sch.Bip. ex Baker in Mart., Fl. Bras. 6(2): 337 (1876), nom. nud. pro syn.

?Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Brazil.

Stomatanthes trigonus (Gardner) H. Rob., Phytologia 20(): 337 (1970).

Eupatorium trigonum Gardner, London J. Bot. 6: 446 (1847). Type: Hab. Upland campos, Mission of Duro, Province of Goyaz. Oct. 1839. [Gardner] 3270.

Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Brazil.

Strongylosperma australe (Sieber ex Spreng.) Less., Syn. Gen. Compositae : 261 (1832) = Cotula australis (Sieber ex Spreng.) Hook. f.