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Pappobolus S. F. Blake, Hookers Ic. Pl. 31(3): 1, tab. 3057 (1916).

Helianthus L. subg. Viguieriopsis Heiser, Brittonia 8(4): 284 (1957), nom. nud.

Helianthopsis H. Rob., Phytologia 44: 258 (1979). Type: Helianthus microphyllus Kunth = Pappobolus microphyllus (Kunth) Panero

Type: Pappobolus macranthus S. F. Blake


Panero, J. L. (1992). Systematics of Pappobolus (Asteraceae-Heliantheae). Syst. Bot. Monogr. 36: 1195.

*Pappobolus macranthus S. F. Blake, Hookers Ic. Pl. 31 [Ser. 5, 1]: 1, t. 3057 (1916). Type: South America: Bolivia; Muna, common in waste ground, 2135-2440 m., May 1863, Pearce, 121. Holotype: K; isotype: GH (fragment of the holotype). Cited by Foster (1958), this species was wrongly recorded by Blake from Bolivia, and Panero (1992) cited this species only from Peru. Mua is in Hu nuco province, Peru. It is almost certainly not present in Bolivia.