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Microliabum Cabrera, Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 5(4): 211 (1955), nom. nov. pro Liabellum Cabrera

Liabellum Cabrera, Notas Mus. Eva Peron, Bot. 17: 76 (1954), nom. illegit., non Liabellum Rydb. (1927).

Angelianthus H. Rob. & Brettell, Phytologia 28(1): 76 (1974), nom. nov. pro Liabellum Cabrera, nom. illegit. superfl.

Austroliabum H. Rob. & Brettell, Phytologia 28(1): 48 (1974). Type: Liabum candidum Griseb. = Microliabum candidum (Griseb.) H. Rob.

Microliabum Cabrera subgen. Austroliabum (H. Rob. & Brettell) H. Rob., Syst. Bot. 15(4): 743 (1990).

Type: Microliabum humile (Cabrera) Cabrera


Cabrera, A. L. (1947). Las especies argentinas del gnero Liabum (Compositae). Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 2(2): 9198.

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Key to species (based on Robinson, 1990)

1.Inner pappus setae distinctly broadened, as wide as outer setae; plants 0.30.5 m tallM. mulgediifolium

Inner pappus setae capillary, slightly flattened, narrower than outer setae; plants 0.61 m tall M. polymnioides

Microliabum mulgediifolium (Muschl.) H. Rob., Syst. Bot. 15(4): 744 (1990).

Liabum mulgediifolium Muschl., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 50(2/3) Beibl. 111: 85 (1913). Type: Bolivia: Camacho (Fiebrig n. 2870). Holotype: B; isotype: K, US (01616631) two leaves and fragments of a capitulum only. Lectotype (selected by Robinson, 1990: 743): K; isolectotype: US.

Austroliabum mulgediifolium (Muschl.) H. Rob. & Brettell, Phytologia 28(1): 49 (1974).

Bolivia (Tarija).

Microliabum polymnioides (R. E. Fr.) H. Rob., Syst. Bot. 15(4): 744 (1990).

Liabum polymnioides R. E. Fr., Arkiv Bot. 5(13): 24 (1906). Type: Argentinae prov. Jujuy: Quinta, in nemore Citri raro [2/6 01; Fr. 74]. Holotype: S (S-R-3243); isotype: UPS. Note: Robinson (1990) merely listed the UPS specimen as type, not assigning it as holotype or isotype.

Austroliabum polymnioides (R. E. Fr.) H. Rob. & Brettell, Phytologia 28(1): 49 (1974).

Argentina, Bolivia (Santa Cruz, Tarija).

Mieria virgata La Llave & Lex., Nov. Veg. Descr., fasc. 2: 9 (1825) = Schkuhria pinnata (Lam.) Kuntze ex Thell.