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Laestadia Kunth ex Less., Syn. Gen. Comp. : 203 (1832).

Lestadia Spach, Hist. Veg. Phan. 10: 28 (1841), orth. var.

Type: Laestedia pinifolia Kunth ex Less.


Cuatrecasas, J. (1969). Laestadia. In: Prima flora Colombiana 3. Compositae Astereae. Webbia 24: 915.

Nesom, G. L. (2000). Laestadia. In: Generic conspectus of the tribe Astereae (Asteraceae) in North America, Central America, the Antilles and Hawaii. Sida, Bot. Misc. 20: 61.

*Laestadia lechleri Wedd., Chloris Andina 1: 184 (1856). Types: Lagenophora Lechleri Schultz. Bip., l.c. [presumably Bonplandia, ann. 1856, p. 54] Hab. Prou: r gion alpestre des Cordillres de Carabaya!, ed de Cuzco! (Gay; Lechler, exsicc., n. 2211; Wedd.). Syntypes: P.

Lagenophora lechleri Sch.Bip., Bonplandia 4(4): 54 (1856), nom. nud.

Bolivia (La Paz), Peru.

Laestadia muscicola Wedd., Chloris Andina 1: 184, t. 32 (1856). Types: ''Hab. Nouvelle-Grenade: paramo de Usaguin! (Goudot). Prou!: Cordill res de la province de Crabaya! (Lechler, exsicc., n. 2098; Wedd.). Syntypes: P. Lectotype (selected by Cuatrecasas, 1969: 13, but as holotype): Lechler 2098 P; isolectotypes: G, K.

Lagenophora muscicola Sch.Bip., Bonplandia 4(4): 54 (1856), nom. nud.

?Bolivia (?), Colombia, Peru. Note: Much material in LPB is named as this species, although it is all clearly L. lechleri. It remains to be seen if L. muscicola is present so far south.