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Koanophyllon Arruda, Diss. Pl. Brazil. : 38? (1810).

Eupatorium L. sect. Laevia Cabrera, Fl. Ilustr. Catarinense Part 1 Monogr. 4 Tribo Eupatorieae : 595 (1991). Type: Eupatorium laeve DC.

Type: Koanophyllon tinctorium Arruda

Koanophyllon jugipaniculatum (Rusby) R. M. King & H. Rob., Phytologia 32(): 259 (1975)

*Eupatorium jugipaniculatum Rusby, Bull. New York Bot. Gard. 4(14): 379 (1907). Type: [Bolivia:] A shrub 68 ft. high, with white flowers, in wet forest-mould. Coroico, September, 1894. ([Bang] No. 2471.) Holotype: NY; isotype: US.

Bolivia (La Paz).

Koanophyllon simillima (B. L. Rob.) R. M. King & H. Rob., Phytologia 22(3): 151 (1971).

*Eupatorium simillimum B. L. Rob., Contr. Gray Herb. 77: 38 (1926). Type: [Paraguay] same locality [= in woods, Cordilla de Altos] , Oct. 20, 1902, Fiebrig, no. 277. Holotype: GH.

Note: Listed by Foster (1958: 209), under Eupatorium, King & Robinson (1987: 318) only listed the species for Argentina, Paraguay. It remains to be seen if the species is present in Bolivia.

Koanophyllon solidaginoides (Kunth) R. M. King & H. Rob., Phytologia 22(3): 151 (1971).

*Eupatorium solidaginoides Kunth in Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth, Nov. Gen. Sp. Pl. 4 (ed. folio): 99 (1818). Type: [Ecuador:] Crescit locis temperatis Regni Quitensis inter Ticsan et Alausi, alt. 1300 hex. L Floret Julio. [Humboldt & Bonpland Quito] Holotype: P-Bonpl.

Eupatorium filicaule Sch.Bip. ex A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 21: 384 (1886). Types: Eupatorium filicaule Schultz Bip. in herb. Berol., Gray, & c. ... Mexico, coll. Ehrenberg, no. 1176, and Orizaba, Schaffner, fide Schultz. We have it from Orizaba, coll. Bilimek, 1867, no. 576, and Cordoba, coll. Bourgeau, no. 1703. Note: Clearly some of the syntypes are widespread.

Ophryosporus solidagionoides (Kunth) Hieron., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 29(1): 4 (1900*). [*Note: See Reference section concerning problem with date of publication]

Bolivia (Santa Cruz). Although listed by Foster (1958: 209), under Eupatorium solidagionoides, King & Robinson (1987) did not list this species from Bolivia. Recent collections, Dematteis et al. 2227 & 2229, from Santa Cruz would support its inclusion.

Koanophyllon stipulifera (Rusby) R. M. King & H. Rob., Phytologia 22(3): 151 (1971).

*Eupatorium stipuliferum Rusby, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 4(3): 210 (1895). Types: [Bolivia:] [Bang] 254. Distributed as Eupatorium Guadalupense? is Eupatorium stipuliferum sp. n. = Matthews 1369, and Spruces 3914. Isosyntype (Bang 254): US.

Argentina, Bolivia (?).

Note: Foster (1958: 209) listed this species, under the synonym of E. stipuliferum, but equated this with E. solodaginoides (now Koanophyllon solidaginoides) which was not recorded by King & Robinson (1987: 318) from Bolivia.

Kuhnia L., Sp. Pl., ed. 2: 1662 (1763) = Brickellia Elliott

Kuhnia L. sect. Trichogonia DC., Prodr. 5: 126 (1836) = Trichogonia (DC.) Gardner

Kyrstenia Necker ex E. Greene, Leafl. Bot. Observ. 1: 8 (1903) = Ageratina Spach