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Elaphandra Strother, Syst. Bot. Monogr. 33: 17 (1991).

Type: Elaphandra bicornis Strother


Robinson, H. (1992). New combinations in Elaphandra Strother (Ecliptinae-Heliantheae-Asteraceae). Phytologia 72(2): 144151.

Robinson, H. & R. D. Brettell. (1975). Studies in the Heliantheae (Asteraceae). V. Two new species of Aspilia from South America. Phytologia 32(5): 419425.

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Elaphandra lucidula (S. F. Blake) H. Rob., Phytologia 72(2): 148 (1992).

*Aspilia lucidula S. F. Blake, Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 36: 52 (1923). Type: Type in the U.S. National Herbarium, No. 1,120,940, collected at Rurrenabaque, on the Rio Beni, District of Caupolicn, Province of Beni, Bolivia, altitude 305 meters, October 1, 1921, by H. H. Rusby (Mulford Biological Exploration of the Amazon Basin, No. 758). Holotype: US.

Aspilia steinbachii H. Rob. & R. D. Brettell, Phytologia 32(5): 420 (1975). Type: ''BOLIVIA: Depto. Cochabamba: Prov. Chapare, Todos Santos, elev. 300 mtrs, Herbacea 0,50 mtrs., flores anaranjado amarillento. Oct. 27, 1966. R.F.Steinbach 446. Holotype: WIS; isotypes: U, US (fragment).

Bolivia (Ben, Cochabamba).

Elaphandra ulei (Hieron.) H. Rob., Phytologia 72(2): 148 (1992).

Aspilia ulei Hieron., Verh. Bot. Ver. Brand. 1906, 48: 205 (1907). Type: Brasilia: bei Bomfin, Juru im Staate Amazonas ([Ule] n. 5150 Oktober 1900). Holotype: ?B.

Bolivia (?), Brazil.