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Chresta DC., Prodr. 5: 85 (1836).

Chresta Vell., Fl. Flum. Icones 8: tabs. 150 & 151 (1831), nom. inval.

Chresta DC. sect. Euchresta Gardner, London J. Bot. 1: 239 (1882), nom. inval.

Eremanthus Less. sect. Chresta (DC.) Baker in Mart., Fl. Bras. 6(2): 166 (1873).

Lectotype (probably attributable to Robinson 1980): Chresta sphaerocephala DC.

Note: At the time of publication of two plates with the names Chresta cordata and C. lanceolata Vellozo did not validly publish the generic name Chresta; it was not a description generico-specifica, based on a single illustration with analysis. MacLeish (1985: 465) was incorrect when providing the citation Fl. Flum. n. 325. 1829, although correct in stating that Vellozos generic name was invalid.


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Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Brazil.