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Baltimora L., Mant. : 158 (1771).

Niebuhria Scop., Introd. : 134 (1777), nom. superfl.

Timanthea Salisb., Prodr. : 208 (1796), nom. superfl.

Chrysogonum L. sect. Baltimora (L.) Baill., Hist. Fam. Pl. : 232 (1882).

Fougeria Moench, Meth. Suppl. : 243 (1802). Type: Fougeria tetragona Moench = Baltimora recta L.

Fougerouxia Cass., Dict. Sci. Nat. 54: 461 (1829), orth. var.

Scolospermum Less., Linnaea 5: 152 (1830). Type: Scolospermum baltimoroides Less. = Baltimora recta L.

Scolopospermum Hemsl., Biol. Centr.-Amer. Bot. 2: 144 (1881), orth. var.

Type: Baltimora recta L.


Robinson, H. (2006). Baltimora. In: G. Harling & L. Andersson (eds), Flora of Ecuador, No. 77(1): 190(6). Compositae-Heliantheae, Part 1: Introduction, genera AL. Botanical Institute, Gteborg University, G teborg & Section for Botany, Riksmuseum, Stockholm. pp. 4749.

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Baltimora geminata (Brandeg.) Stuessy, Fieldiana, Bot. 36: 42 (1973).

Melampodium geminatum Brandeg., Zoe 5(10): 223 (1905). Type: [Mexico: Sinaloa:] Collected near Cofradia and Imala. [Brandegee, Nov. 1904] Lectotype (selected by Stuessy, 1973: 42): UC.

Melampodium bonairense Bold., Fl. Ned. W. Ind. Eil. : 393 (1913). Type/s: Curaao, Bonaire. ?Holotype: U.

Baltimora ovata Rusby, Descr. New Sp. S. Amer. Pl. : 151 (1920). Type: YT' Common on hot dry plains and rocky hills within 3 or 4 miles of the sea at Cienaga, Papare, Santa Marta, Braba, etc., September to November. (Herbert H. Smith, No. 536.). Holotpye NY; isotypes: BM, F, GH, K, MICH, MO, P, S, UC, US.

Bolivia (Cochabamba, Santa Cruz), Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela.

Baltimora ovata Rusby, Descr. New Sp. S. Amer. Pl. : 151 (1920) = Baltimora geminata (Brandeg.) Stuessy

Barnadesia Mutis subgen Penthea (D. Don) Chung., Rev. Barnadesia (Compositae-Mutisieae). : 36 (1965) = Barnadesia Mutis

Barnadesia Mutis sect. Penthea D. Don, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 16(2): 280 (1830) = Barnadesia Mutis